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New Technology for Modelling HEVs and EVs
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Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and fully electric vehicles (EV) present significant challenges to automotive engineers. Their complexity adds to the already considerable sophistication of modern vehicles. This has triggered a design revolution in the industry which stresses detailed modeling and simulation before committing to metal and plastic. With new generation vehicles the need for advanced physical modelling solutions is considerably greater due to increasing system complexity. Notably, the powertrain and energy storage devices are becoming one of the most critical components in HEVs and EVs.

This webinar covers new approaches to modeling and simulation of EVs and HEVs. Techniques for modelling driveline losses and novel approaches to battery modelling is presented, in addition to tools for simulating HEVs from the interaction of the road with the tire and the chassis dynamics.

This webinar will be presented by Dr. Samir Khan of Adept Scientific.