Maplesoft Papers Program - Support for Writing Mathematical and Engineering Papers

Are you writing a technical paper that involves a Maplesoft product?

The Maplesoft Technical Papers Program is a great way to access Maplesoft products and technical expertise. If your paper is for a specific event, funding for travel and event registration may also be available.

If you are using any Maplesoft product in your work in any of the following areas, you may be interested in the Maplesoft Technical Papers Program.

Technology in Education
STEM Education
Engineering Education and Research
Mathematics Education and Research
Machine Design/Industrial Automation
Vehicle Engineering

Robotics/Motion Control/Mechatronics
System Simulation and Analysis
Model Development for HIL
Plant Modeling for Control Design
Model Predictive Control
Vibration Analysis and Attenuation
Battery Design

Benefits of the Maplesoft Papers Program:

Under our Papers Program, you may be eligible for support including:

Access to technical specialists
Product experts and software support
Funding towards travel/event registration
Access to additional Maplesoft products and services
Recognition on Maplesoft’s website and promotional support

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