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Join us for live webinars throughout the year

Sorry you missed out on our live sessions at JMM this year. You can catch up anytime by watching the recordings:

Introducing Maple 2022 for Education and Research

Whether you are performing simple tasks or doing cutting-edge research, the many new features in Maple 2022 will make your work easier.

Maple Learn: the easiest way to bring static math content to life

Ideal for any course involving math, the Maple Learn platform allows you to create course documents, demonstrate, illustrate, and also generate exercises.

The Maple Mathematics Suite is a family of math software products that makes it extremely easy to explore, visualize, and solve mathematical problems from high school all the way through to graduate studies. The Maple Mathematics Suite provides access to the world’s most powerful mathematics engine through easy-to-use interfaces that are designed to meet the needs of students at different stages of their education.

As students progress and their needs change, they can move from one product to the next, confident that the tools that have been helping them learn and succeed in math will still be there to support them, every step of the way.

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