Earlier this summer, Maplesoft launched the new Maple Professional Toolbox Series™, a collection of software solutions for specialized application areas such as engineering and science, and technical application development.
Designed to work seamlessly with the core Maple product suite, these high-performance products deploy best of breed technology to deliver maximum benefit from the world’s most powerful technical software platform.

“ Today’s professionals demand high-quality tools that work within an integrated environment,” says Paul Goossens, Director of Market Development at Maplesoft, “The Professional Toolbox Series fully leverages the unique technology inherent in Maplesoft’s core product suite while providing fast accurate solutions to vertical domains.”

The first two products in the series; Global Optimization Toolbox and the Database Integration Toolbox, are now available from Maplesoft.

The Global Optimization Toolbox ensures you obtain the absolutely best answer to modeling problems that have many possible solutions, under complicated constraints. This power is delivered through the easiest to use environment in analytical software.

Optimization models are easily defined using the powerful Maple™ numeric and symbolic system, and then quickly solved by the world-class numeric solvers, all within the rich Maple environment. Within this

environment, the user has the additional advantages of natural and flexible problem definition, syntax-free visualizations, and technical knowledge management capabilities, making this a superior tool for solving optimization problems. Application areas include advanced engineering modeling, medical research, chemical processes, and finance.

“ Optimization is one of the toughest computational challenges for engineers and scientists. Maplesoft’s solution offers the most sophisticated, yet very easy to use, technology to meet these challenges,” states Dr. Laurent Bernardin, Maplesoft’s Chief Scientist.
“ I am very impressed with GOT’s capabilities with its very easy-to-use Maple-based interface and its power in solving very difficult global optimization problems.... I would recommend the Global Optimization Toolbox to anyone who deals with nonlinear optimization problems in operations research, engineering, economics or other applied sciences.”

— Mahmut Parlar, Ph.D.,
DeGroote School of Business,
McMaster University, Canada