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Newsletter for June 2005     
Welcome to the June 2005 Issue of the Maple Reporter e-newsletter! We aim to keep you up to date on the latest news from Maplesoft, with articles highlighting new products, innovative application areas, tips and techniques, events and much more.

Once again, this month’s issue highlights the recent launch of Maple 10. In addition, check out this issue for details on updates to the Maple Professional Toolbox series and the launch of nVizx, the latest product available through the MapleConnect Premier Program.

We hope you find this month’s issue an enjoyable and informative read. We have many more exciting developments in the works at Maplesoft and look forward to sharing them with you in the future.
News & Announcements
Maple 10
Launched last month, Maple 10 has been enthusiastically received by both new and existing users. Maple 10 allows you to create rich, executable technical documents that provide both the answer and the thinking behind the analysis. Maple documents seamlessly combine numeric and symbolic calculations, explorations, mathematical notation, documentation, buttons and sliders, graphics, and animations that can be shared and reused by your colleagues.

nVizx for Maple
nVizx for Maple , the latest in the MapleConnect Premier series, is the affordable software alternative for high end visualization. nVizx works dynamically with Maple (or with Excel® data) to rapidly generate precise, high resolution images. Images created with nVizx can be saved in standard graphics file formats and pasted into Maple worksheets.

Maple Quickstart E-Training Course
New online training announced. In this introductory course, you will become fluent in the Maple 10 environment, without ever having to leave your desk. Visit the Training area of the Maplesoft site for details.
Maple Professional Toolbox Series – Now Compatible with Maple 10
Updated versions of all the add-on products in the Professional Toolbox series have been updated to be compatible with Maple 10. Visit the Toolbox area of the site to learn more about Global Optimization, Database Integration, and the Maple Professional Math Toolbox for LabView.
Maplesoft Congratulates University of Waterloo Winners of Challenge X Competition
Alternative Fuels Team uses Maple tool to generate optimized code for real-time simulation of fuel cell technology.

Maple Adoption Program – Gear up this Summer with Maple 10!

This summer join the many faculty that are participating in the Maple Adoption Program!

The Maple Adoption program continues to be a huge success and now with the release of Maple 10 many more faculty members are joining this FREE program!

Complete program information and electronic registration can be found at

Maplesoft Seminar Series - An Introduction to Maple 10

• July 13, “Dynamic Visualization with nVizx for Maple”

• July 27, “Technical Solution Deployment using MapleNET 10”
Please visit for additional details and to register.

Product Tips & Techniques

Statistics and Data Analysis
Author: Maplesoft

The Inside View
Dr. Laurent Bernardin, Chief Scientist, Maplesoft

After using Maple for over 15 years, I still occasionally reach for a notepad to write down a couple equations or to do a quick derivation. I ask myself: Why?

Click here to read the complete article.

Application Center Highlights
New Applications
Area of the Unit Circle and Pi Mr. Muharrem Aktümen
Modeling of a Tow Tank Carriage Maplesoft
Jacobi's Iterative Method to solve systems of linear equations Dr. Patricia E Balderas-Cañas
Numerical and Graphical Solutions of Volterra Integral Equations of the Second Kind Dr. Leigh C. Becker, Mr. Micah D Wheeler
Circle Area Maplet Mr. Muharrem Aktümen
Kinematics of Our Earth-Moon System Dr. Friedrich FUTSCHIK
Maple 10 Color Plate: Caffeine Atom Model Maplesoft
Maple 10 Color Plate: Fractal Leaf Maplesoft
Maple 10 Color Plate: Koch Tetrahedron Maplesoft
Maple 10 Color Plate: Log Cabin Maplesoft
New PowerTool
JavaViewLib 3.0

Maplesoft in the Press

See what the press is saying about Maplesoft. This month there is coverage available on Maple 10 and MapleNet 10, an article which is focused on Maple’s ability to share and capture engineering knowledge, and a feature piece on why math is important in product design.
Sharing Engineering Knowledge
“Technical informational assets typically exist in the brains of employees, buried in spreadsheets or computer programs, or kept in hand-written notebooks. Lack of technical information management wastes time, costs money, reduces effectiveness, and can expose companies to unnecessary liabilities.”
Excerpt from “Automotive Engineering International”, Design Product News, June 2005
Why Math Matters in Product Design
“There is a definite trend in industry: as modeling and math become more accepted practice as opposed to a pure research activity, engineers are now beginning to discover deficiencies in the conventional tool chain. Tools like Maple are proving to be a critical part of the new arsenal of analytical software tools for modern engineering.”
Excerpt from "Why Math Matters in Product Design", Design Product News, June 2005.
Math Analysis Software Improves Ease of Use
“Maple 10 enables users to convey information in a familiar way, such as a textbook or technical paper, and also as executable documents that provide the final answer.”
Excerpt from "Math Analysis Software Improves Ease of Use", Power Electronics, June 2005.
For a complete listing of recent coverage, check out the Reviews & Press area of the Maplesoft Web site.

Latest Maple Conference News

Maple Conference 2005 Poster Available

Maple Conference Poster

Download PDFs of the official conference poster. Two versions are available: large 11x17, standard 8.5x11, and standard A4. Post and pass on to your colleagues!

Maplesoft Events
Join us at NI Week!
Maplesoft will be demonstrating our suite of engineering products, including the Professional Math Toolbox for LabVIEW at National Instruments' premier event. August 16-18, Austin TX.
See our Events page for details on this event plus other upcoming shows.

Maplesoft Resources
Recorded Seminars
Maplesoft offers a series of recorded downloadable demonstrations and seminars highlighting key features and functionality of Maplesoft products. Click here to view the available seminars.

Customized Seminars

Maplesoft is pleased to offer personal online seminars. These seminars assist users in learning new techniques to increase their effectiveness with Maplesoft products.
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Books and Publications
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