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User Case Study: Broadcasting benefits of math and analysis software

Maple mathematics software is helping broadcast network operator Arqiva to model antennas and analyse systems, ensuring that broadcast signals are received over the specified range.

Responsible for much of the UK's broadcast and mobile communications infrastructure, Arqiva delivers wireless, satellite and terrestrial broadcast services to a growing number of countries around the world. All land-based transmissions for UK television stations, including the new digital networks as well as wireless provision for cellular, wireless broadband, voice and data services for both commercial and government markets, are handled by the company. Ensuring that its stations conform and deliver the power and coverage needed is paramount.

Arqiva engineers are constantly upgrading the capabilities of their products and the software tools they use. “In order to fully understand how our products work and the nature of the maths behind it, we need something to quickly and simply check what is happening,” says Arqiva Senior Technologist Karina Beeke. “Maple offers just that, with 3D graphics and an easy interface.”

Maple allows analysis in engineering and science projects to be streamlined and the quality enhanced. With fly-through animations and 3D plot annotations, the package includes advanced mathematical functions and point-and-click tools for control systems design. With features such as context-sensitive menus and powerful problem-solving tools, the software is intuitive and can be used with little training.

Having a wealth of features useful to Arqiva, Maple includes space curve, aptitude, curve fitting and the ability to rotate and zoom in to elements. A major benefit, according to Karina, is its flexibility and range, “With Maple we can start simply and then develop as we go without having to completely understand the full capability.” Arqiva has also purchased a copy of the Maple Global Optimization Toolbox to help with matching antenna features for best fit.

Karina is also positive about the 'very good support' and the extensive online resources available from Maplesoft.  A user forum complements an online library of algorithms and a troubleshooting guide.