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Case Study:
Assessing the Accuracy of a Rocket’s Trajectory Through Space

Since the goal of a rocket is to arrive at a particular destination point at a particular moment in time, understanding the trajectory the rocket will follow is an essential aspect of rocket design. Whether launching a satellite into space or lighting up the night sky with fireworks, an accurate trajectory is crucial in assuring the projectile is on target. Unfortunately, making sure a rocket adheres to its calculated path can be difficult, since atmospheric conditions such as wind and rain can dramatically change the rocket’s path.

MapleSim, the advanced system-level modeling and simulation tool from Maplesoft, can be used to create a realistic model of the rocket. The model is divided into separate subsystems, each of which is responsible for a particular aspect of the rocket. A random variable is incorporated into the model to simulate the effect that environmental conditions have on drag.

Finally, a Monte Carlo simulation is performed to understand the effects of changes in atmospheric conditions. With the results from the Monte Carlo simulation, the probable bounds of the rocket’s trajectory can be determined.

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