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Content Created by John Ogilvie
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Title Date Published Author
Fourier Transforms for Chemistry
February 4, 2021
John Ogilvie
Mathematics for Chemistry
May 30, 2017
John Ogilvie
@David Mazziotti  I heartily endorse this sug...
September 23, 2013
J F Ogilvie
fundamental constants and atomic masses
August 7, 2013
J F Ogilvie
physical and chemical data in Maple
August 6, 2013
J F Ogilvie
please revise the values of fundamental physical c...
August 5, 2013
J F Ogilvie
Maple 17 worksheet file association selector
July 31, 2013
J F Ogilvie
first use of Maple
May 13, 2013
J F Ogilvie
math[ematics], engineering, physics, science and beyond
March 9, 2013
J F Ogilvie
solving bond order
February 25, 2013
J F Ogilvie
announcement of textbook for mathematics with Maple, new edition
February 14, 2013
J F Ogilvie
Deficiencies in Maple 16
July 4, 2012
J F Ogilvie
an additional book
November 25, 2011
J F Ogilvie
Maple 15.02 -- when?
August 16, 2011
J F Ogilvie
more on deficiencies in Maple 15.01
July 18, 2011
J F Ogilvie
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