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Pricing Derivative Securities

Pricing Derivative Securities

Eliezer Prisman


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Pricing derivatives theory comes alive in this self-contained interactive experience in financial pricing. The no-arbitrage perspective in a one-period state-preference model drives the book, and the Maple® and Matlab® programs help readers visualize payoffs and respond to various constraints and conditions. With clear explanations and lavish illustrations, Pricing Derivative Securities: An Interactive, Dynamic Environment with Maple V and Matlab® teaches the core theoretical concepts so often disguised behind difficult terms and institutional details. Readers can experiment with the electronic packages forever, using the book and its solutions manual as a tutorial that can help solve problems of increasing complexity.

Make derivatives pricing theory come alive in Introduction to Derivative Securities: An Interactive eBook, powered by Maple.

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Language: English
ISBN: 0-125-64915-0
Publisher: Elsevier Academic Press

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