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Title Collatz
Entry Type Code, worksheet, TeX document; share
Summary Performs number of iterations in Collatz's problem, i.e., the 3x+1 conjecture.
Author(s) Gaston Gonnet
Subjects Number Theory
Description The 3n+1 sequence attributed to Lothar Collatz, has been given various names, including Ulam's conjecture, Syracuse problem, Kakutani's problem and Hasse's algorithm. The conjecture is based on the iteration defined by: n[i+1] = if n[i] is even then n[i]/2 else 3*n[i]+1.
Filenames Collatz.mpl, Collatz.mws, Collatz.r, Collatz.tex, Collatz.tst
Size 30kb Compatible  with Maple V R5, R4, R3, R2, R1
Also See MapleTech issue 6 1991.
Other Notes   For R3/R4 in 'numtheor' share directory.