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Bolt Group Coefficient for Eccentric Loads

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This application calculates the bolt coefficient for eccentrically loaded bolt groups using the Instantaneous Center of Rotation method (also known as the Ultimate Strength method).

The bolt coefficient C is the ratio of the factored force (or available strength) of the bolt group Pu and the shear capacity of a single bolt. Once the coefficient is known, a bolt group can be designed for any load.

Traditionally, bolt group coefficients are extracted by using tabulated values in the AISC Steel Construction Manual. However, these tables are limited to common bolt patterns, and specific load eccentricities and angles. Non-tabulated values must be extracted by using linear interpolation.

This Maple worksheet, however, calculates the bolt group coefficient for any bolt and load configuration by implementing the theory used to generate the tables.

The results agree with those presented in AISC Manual of Steel Construction: Load and Resistance Factor Design, 2nd Edition.

Application Details

Publish Date: May 29, 2017
Created In: Maple 2017
Language: English

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