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Downloading Stock Prices and Plotting Returns Distributions

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Downloading Stock Prices and

Plotting Returns Distributions


This application



   downloads historical stock prices from Yahoo Finance,


   calculates the returns,


   plots the distribution of the returns in a histogram,


   and overlays a normal distribution with the same mean and standard deviation as the historical data.


The application uses Maple 18's improved Internet connectivity; you can now download data from a URL straight into a matrix using ImportMatrix() .


Ticker, Dates and Frequency

ticker := "XOM":

startDay := "25":

endDay := "25":

frequency := "d":

Download Historical Stock Quotes and Calculate Returns

url := cat("", ticker, "&a=", startMonth, "&b=", startDay, "&c=", startYear, "&d=", endMonth, "&e=", endDay, "&f=", endYear, "&g=",frequency,"&ignore=.csv"):

data := ImportMatrix(url):

nRows := RowDimension(data)-2:

returns := Vector(nRows, proc (i) options operator, arrow; evalf(ln(data[i+2, 7]/data[i+1, 7])) end proc):

p1 := Histogram(returns, frequencyscale = relative, color = "SteelBlue", axes = boxed, gridlines):

Plot Histogram and Overlay Normal Distribution

av := Mean(returns);



stdev := StandardDeviation(returns);



n := Normal(av, stdev):

p2 := DensityPlot(Normal(av, stdev), range = min(returns) .. max(returns)):

display(p1, p2)