Online Mathematical Courseware from Maplesoft and the University of Waterloo

Online Mathematical Courseware

from Maplesoft and the University of Waterloo

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The University of Waterloo Discusses the CEMC Project

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Effective online education for STEM courses

The University of Waterloo has formed a partnership with Maplesoft to provide effective, engaging, online education for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses. They combined rich course material developed by the University of Waterloo with Möbius, Maplesoft's platform for developing, managing, and displaying dynamic STEM content. The result is an online environment where students can learn by doing - exploring important concepts using engaging, interactive applications, visualizing problems and solutions, and testing their understanding by answering questions that are graded instantly.

University of Waterloo

Secondary School Courseware Project

The first use of this platform is the Secondary School Courseware project. The University has launched a courseware site designed to support high school students and teachers in their precalculus and calculus courses.

  • Helps prepare students for university-level mathematics courses
  • Provides freely accessible content for use by high school teachers and students around the world
  • Consists of a large, searchable suite of lessons, worksheets, self-assessment questions, exercises, and solutions
  • Enables teachers and students to interact with dynamic applications to explore concepts and deepen understanding
  • Includes quizzes that give instant feedback, allowing students to practice as much as they need, evaluate their level of understanding, and even try out enrichment and extension questions

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