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Calculus III: Complete Set of Lessons

: Prof. Mike May
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A collection of 37 worksheets for 3rd semester (multivariable calculus). Developed by Fr. Mike May and Dr. Russell Blyth, St. Louis University. Topics include introductory worksheets, multivariable limits, bivariate Taylor series, Lagrange multipliers, vector and gradient fields, visualizing regions of integration, line and flux integrals. At Saint Louis University, our Calculus III course is being taught in a computer classroom where the students have access to Maple. The strategy I have used for bringing Maple into the classroom is to introduce it through carefully designed worksheets, which I use as: - Lecture aids with the instructor running the worksheet with a projection system. - Handouts for the students - Lab assignment that the class will start together as a substitute for a lecture. - Supplemental homework assignments. These worksheets include a significant amount of exploratory text and exercises. The exercises ask the student to repeat the examples in the worksheets with minor modification. I do not expect them to produce the code, but rather to copy and modify a code template, focusing on the results of the problems.

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Publish Date: December 29, 2006
Created In: Maple 10
Language: English



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