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Multiple Level Curves Maplet

: Joanna Ellis-Monaghan
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This Maplet plots a surface given by a function of two variables, together with a choice of level curves. A 2D plot of the level curves appears below the surface plot. There are three choices (the radio buttons) of ways to input the level curves: 1. A single value which must be enclosed in square brackets, e.g. [13.5]. This plots a single level curve at this height. 2. An integer N, without brackets, e.g. 10. This plots N level curves at heights evenly spaced between the min and max of the function on the chosen domain. 3. A list of values enclosed in square brackets, e.g. [5, 10, 17, 30]. This plots a level curve at each of the listed heights. After choosing the radio button, enter the value(s), and then either hit enter while the cursor is in the Level Curves textbox or click the "plot surface and level curves" button. To adjust the x and y range of the graph, change the values on the right hand side of the Maplet that say "x domain" and "y domain". The zoom factor lets you quickly zoom in and out of the selected view. Slider bars on the plot window adjust the viewing angle. Sliders may be moved with the mouse or changed incrementally by selecting with the mouse and then using the arrow keys. Various buttons on the menu bar change the appearance of the plot.

Application Details

Publish Date: September 12, 2003
Created In: Maple 8
Language: English

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