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Minimum Road Radius for Highway Superelevation

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When a vehicle travels around a curve, a centripetal force is needed to keep the vehicle on the road. If the road is completely horizontal, this force is entirely provided by side friction (i.e. the friction of the tires on the road).

However, road curves are usually banked - the outer edge is higher than the inner edge. This uses the weight of the vehicle to help keep the vehicle on the road, and is called superelevation.

In this application, we derive an equation that describes the relationship between velocity, side friction, road radius and superelevation for a point-mass vehicle traveling around a bend. This relationship is then rearranged to give an explicit equation for the road radius.

This equation is then used to calculate the road radius required to maintain the trajectory of a vehicle as it travels around a bend. For a specific set of parameters, the calculated road radius matches the minimum road radius given in the AASHTO Green Book.

Application Details

Publish Date: June 03, 2020
Created In: Maple 2020
Language: English

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