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Venting of Gas From a Hole in a Pipe

: Maplesoft AuthorSamir Khan
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This application calculates the rate at which gas flows out of a hole (or throat) in a pressurized pipe. Additionally, the Mach number, gas temperature and velocity, and speed of sound at the throat are computed.

The same analysis can be applied to a pressurized tank venting gas through a hole, as long as the internal conditions are constant.

The hole is small compared to the pipe diameter (so that the gas vents at a greater rate than the bulk flow of gas through the pipe), and the process is at steady-state and isentropic.

The polytropic coefficient and molecular weight of the gas are computed with the ThermophysicalData package.

Application Details

Publish Date: May 25, 2020
Created In: Maple 2020
Language: English

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