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Effect of Measurement Error in Venturi Flowmeter

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Venturi flowmeters use the height of a liquid column to measure the pressure drop (and hence the flowrate) of fluid in a pipe. However, small errors in reading the height of the column will affect the calculated value of the flowrate.

Methane (at 1 bar and 40°C) enters a venturi meter with a water manometer (with a measurement error of ±1 mm). The upstream pipe area is 0.05 m2 and the venturi throat diameter is 0.025 m2.

The water displacement across the manometer is 3 cm. Given the measurement error, this application calculates the potential range of flowrates.

This application uses several Maple packages, including ThermophsyicalData, ScientificConstants and Tolerances. The Tolerances package is particularly important because it allows measurement error to be carried through a series of calculations

Application Details

Publish Date: June 24, 2016
Created In: Maple 2016
Language: English

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