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Maple Implementation of the Secure Transport Encryption Scheme

: Czeslaw Koscielny
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An easy-to-use interactive Maple implementation of transport encryption scheme has been presented. It allows to encrypt any file with arbitrary extension stored in the used computer system and in portable memory devices. The encrypted file may contain all 7-bit characters. Therefore, the encrypted file can be securely transmitted over the internet as an e-mail enclosure. The application encrypts also the name of the plaintext file: this way, the kind of content of the plaintext file is hidden. The encrypted file is saved in the same folder as the plaintext file. On encryption/decryption in the GUI Text Area the user will see an exhaustive information about the performed task. On decryption, the encrypted file is removed. The presented applications must have permission to save and remove the processed files. It is worth to know that the secret key in the application is embedded. Thus, any user can embed his own secret key in the application in many ways.

Application Details

Publish Date: September 09, 2015
Created In: Maple 2015
Language: English

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