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Visualizing a 3-D Model

A three-dimensional model contains one or more Multibody components. The Visualization Window shows you a 3-D graphical representation of you multibody system and (optionally) lets you build your multibody model. Additionally, after you run your simulation, you can play a 3-D animation of your system to analyze it further. There are two parts to 3-D visualization in the Visualization Window: the 3-D Workspace and the 3-D Playback Window.

3-D Workspace

The 3-D Workspace is found in the 3-D Construct tab of the Visualization Window. In the 3-D Workspace you can:


Build a complete model in three-dimensional space


Browse your 3-D model from all directions in three-dimensional space


Add shapes and lines, including geometry imported from an external CAD file, to create a realistic-looking representation of your model


Define individual forces acting on specific model components

To access the 3-D Workspace:


From the View menu, select Show 3-D Construct Window...  The Visualization Window opens showing the 3-D Workspace.  Alternatively, from the MapleSim main toolbar, click Show 3-D Construct Window ( ).



You can build a multibody model by adding and connecting components in the model workspace or the 3-D construct window.  Changes made to one view are automatically reflected in the other view.  To drag multibody components from the Libraries tab to the 3-D construct window, put the 3-D construct window beside the main MapleSim window, then drag the desired component to the 3-D construct window.


To keep the 3-D Workspace visible while you are building your model, press Always-On-Top ( ). This allows you to add multibody components to the Model Workspace and at the same time see the 3-D visualization of your model in the 3-D Workspace.  

3-D Playback Window

The 3-D Playback Window is found in the Simulation Results tab of the Visualization Window. After you simulate a model that contains multibody components, you can view a 3-D animation of your model using the Playback controls. In the 3-D Playback Window you can:


View your 3-D model from all directions and for any component in three-dimensional space


Control animation and playback options to focus on the motions of specific model components


Jump to a specific time in the simulation


Increase or decrease the animation playback speed


Change the direction of playback to either forward or reverse


Analyze individual forces acting on specific model components


See the behavior of your model under different initial conditions and at different simulation start times by using the Snapshot feature

To access 3-D Playback Window:


First, simulate your model.  When the simulation finishes, the Visualization Window opens.  The Simulation Results tab includes both simulation plots and the 3-D Playback Window.


From the View menu, select Show Visualization Window...  Alternatively, from the MapleSim main toolbar, click Show Simulation Results ( ).

Tip: If the playback window is not visible, double-click 3-D Playback Window in the Plot Windows palette in the left pane of the Visualization Window to view it.


For more information, see Chapter 4: Simulating and Visualizing a Model in the MapleSim User's Guide.

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