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Excluding Objects from a Simulation

If you want to view and compare results generated by specific sections in your model, you can exclude a component, subsystem, connection line, probe, or component group from the next simulation that you run. When you simulate your model, only the results for the component groups that were not excluded are shown.

Excluding a Group of Objects

To exclude a group of objects from the next simulation:


In the Model Workspace, draw a box around the objects that you want to exclude from the simulation.


From the Model Workspace Toolbar, click enable/disable  ( ). Alternatively, from the Edit menu, select Disable Content. The selected objects are dimmed in the Model Workspace; these objects will be excluded from the next simulation that you run.


Simulate your model.

You can then exclude other component groups or include component groups that you previously excluded and run additional simulations to compare the results. To include component groups that you excluded in simulation results, select the dimmed objects in the Model Workspace and click enable/disable (or select Enable Content from the Edit menu).

Excluding a Probe

You can exclude a probe by using the method described above or by clicking enable/disable ( ) in the Properties tab.

To exclude a probe:


In the Model Workspace, select the probe.


In the Properties tab ( ), click enable/disable ( ). The probe is dimmed in the Model Workspace.

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