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Using the Console Toolbar

The Console, located below the workspace, informs you of the progress of the simulation engine as it generates a model. Before simulating a model, you can specify the amount of detail that you would like the Console to show using the Console Toolbar.

For more information about the different stages of the simulation process, see Chapter 4: Simulating and Visualizing a Model in the MapleSim User's Guide.

The Console Toolbar contains the following buttons:



Display the component help pane.  See Using Help in the MapleSim Component Library.

Display the message console.

Display diagnostic information. See Using Diagnostics.

Clear the message console.

Select the level of detail displayed in the message console.




To set the information level for the Console:


From the Console Toolbar, select the information level that you want.




Displays messages that indicate when the simulation and each stage of the simulation process start and end. This option also displays specific details about each stage of the simulation process (for example, the number of equations to be solved numerically during the model simplification stage).


Displays more detail to aid in debugging.

By default, the progress information level is set to Verbose.

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