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The MapleSim Window

The MapleSim window contains the following panes and components:





Main Toolbar

Contains tools for running a simulation, viewing simulation results, attaching MapleSim analysis templates to your model, and performing other common tasks.

Navigation Toolbar

Contains tools for browsing your model and subsystems hierarchically, changing the model view, and viewing the corresponding Modelica code.

Model Workspace Toolbar

Contains tools for laying out and selecting objects, and adding elements such as annotations and probes.

Model Workspace

The area in which you build and edit a model in a block diagram view.

Palettes Pane

Contains expandable menus with tools that you can use to build a model and manage your MapleSim project. This pane contains three tabs:


Libraries: contains palettes with sample models and domain-specific components that you can add to models.


Definitions: contains palettes of the subsystems and custom components in your model.


Project: contains palettes with tools to help you browse and build a model, and manage parameter sets, probes, and documents that you attach to a model.


Use buttons on the Console Toolbar to display the following panes:


Help: displays the Help topic associated with a modeling component.


Message Console: displays progress messages indicating the status of the MapleSim engine during a simulation and allows you to clear the console using Clear Console ( ).


Debugging: displays diagnostic messages as you build your model identifying the subsystem in which the errors are located.

Console Toolbar

Contains controls for selecting and controlling the types of messages shown in the console ( ).

Parameters Pane

Contains the following tabs:


Inspector: allows you to view and edit modeling component properties, such as names and parameter values, and specify simulation options and probe values.


Settings: allows you to specify simulation options, such as, the duration of the simulation and optional parameter values for the solver, simulation engine, and 3-D Workspace.

The contents of this pane change depending on your selection in the Model Workspace.

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