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Connecting Vector and Scalar Components

Some components have vector ports (that is, a port with more than one quantity associated with it). Vector ports can only be connected to other vector ports of the same dimension. That is, a direct connection between a vector component (like the Real Multiplexer component) and a scalar component (like the Gain component) is not allowed.

If you need to make a connection between a vector component and a scalar component, you must use an intervening component that converts a vector input/output to a scalar output/input. For example, if you want to connect a Real Multiplexer component to a Gain component, you could use the Extractor component to convert the vector output of the Real Multiplexer to a scalar, as shown in the following figure.

Note: When connecting two vector ports, the dimensions of the ports have to be the same. For example, if the Real Multiplexer in the previous figure was configured with five inputs instead of the three shown, the Extractor component would have to be configured so that its number of inputs (nin) was also five.

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