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Adding Modeling Components From a Palette to a Model

Models are built by adding components to your workspace. Components are found under the Libraries tab and are organized according by type into palettes. For example, the components for building electrical models are found in the Electrical palette.

To add a modeling component from a palette


From the Libraries tab at the left of the Model Workspace, in a palette, browse to the menu containing the modeling component you want to add.


Drag the modeling component from the palette to the Model Workspace or 3-D Workspace.



To display a short description for a modeling component, hover your mouse pointer over an icon in a palette.


To view the help topic associated with a modeling component, right-click (Control-click for Macintosh) a component icon in a palette and select Help. Alternatively, select a component that you have added to the Model Workspace and press F2. You can also right-click (or Control-click) a component in the Model Workspace and select Help on <component_name>.

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