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Opening MapleSim Templates

MapleSim templates allow you to create custom components, generate data sets, and perform analysis tasks in Maple. These templates are Maple worksheets that you attach to a model and use to perform specific tasks using pre-built controls and tools.

For more information about the MapleSim templates and attachments, see Attaching Files to a Model in Chapter 2 and Analyzing and Manipulating a Model in Chapter 5 of the MapleSim User's Guide.

To open a template


In MapleSim, open the model for which you want to create a custom component, generate a data set, or perform an analysis task.


Click Templates ( ) in the main toolbar.  The Create Attachment window for your model appears.


In the dialog box, select the template for the task that you want to perform:


In the Attachment field, enter a unique name for the template and press Enter.


Click Create Attachment. In Maple, your MapleSim model is opened in the template.


Follow the instructions provided in the template.


When your task is complete, save the .mw file in Maple and then save the .msim file to which it is attached in MapleSim. MapleSim templates are saved in the Attachments palette.

Alternatively, to open a MapleSim template, you can expand the Attachments palette in the Project tab, right-click (Control-click for Macintosh®) a category in the palette, and select Create From Template.


MapleSim Templates



Code Generation

Generate code from a model.

Custom Component

Create a custom modeling component based on a mathematical model.

Custom Discrete State Space

Define and generate custom components for a MapleSim model from a discrete state space description.

Custom Discrete Transfer Functions

Define and generate custom components for a MapleSim model from a discrete transfer function.

Data Generation

Define and generate a data set to be used in MapleSim, for example, a data set for an Interpolation Table component.


Retrieve equations from a linear or non-linear model.

Excel Connectivity

Import MapleSim parameter sets from, or export parameter sets to, an Excel spreadsheet.

External C/Library Block

Define and generate a MapleSim custom component from external C Code/DLL.

Linear System Analysis

View and analyze the equations of a linear system.


Create an estimated linear version of the original non-linear model.

Modelica Custom Component

Define and generate a MapleSim custom component from Modelica code.

Monte Carlo Simulation

Define a random distribution for a parameter and run a simulation using this distribution.

Multibody Analysis

Retrieve multibody equations in a form that is suitable for manipulation and analysis.


Optimize and analyze the parameters of a model and view possible simulation results.

Random Data

Define and generate a set of random data points to be used in MapleSim, for example, a data set for an Interpolation Table component.

Sensitivity Analysis

Perform parameter sensitivity analysis.


Create a worksheet by opening a MapleSim Model in an embedded component.


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