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plottools[polygon] - generate 2-D or 3-D plot object for a polygon

Calling Sequence

polygon([[x1, y1], [x2, y2], ..., [xn, yn]], options)

polygon([[x1, y1, z1], [x2, y2, z2], ..., [xn, yn, zn]], options)


[x1, y1], [x2, y2], ..., [xn, yn]


list of points in 2-D

[x1, y1, z1], [x2, y2, z2], ..., [xn, yn, zn]


list of point in 3-D



(optional) equations of the form option=value. For a complete list, see plot/options and plot3d/options.



The polygon command creates a two- or three-dimensional plot data object, which when displayed is a polygon joining points in the specified list. The first argument to polygon must be a list of points.  They can be either 2-D or 3-D.


The plot data object produced by the polygon command can be used in a PLOT or PLOT3D data structure, or displayed using the  plots[display] command.


The color=c option is used to fill the polygon with color c. See the plot/interface help page for information about differences in filling for non-standard interfaces.


Remaining arguments, having the form option = value, are interpreted as options.  For more information, see plottools, plot/options and plot3d/options.

Notes On Drawing Polygons


In order to be drawn correctly, a polygon must be non-intersecting. In other words,  none of its sides may cross another and none of its vertices may be coincident with another. Polygons that do not satisfy this are considered valid structures but may be drawn in unexpected ways.


3-D polygons should be planar for correct drawing. A polygon that is not planar may be arbitrarily divided into planar polygons for drawing purposes. Among other effects, this may cause the outline of a polygon not to be coincident in 3-D with its polygon.






See Also

plot/interface, plot/options, plot/structure, plot3d/options, plots[display], plottools

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