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plottools[hemisphere] - generate 3-D plot object for a hemisphere

Calling Sequence

hemisphere(c, r, options)




(optional) list(realcons); center of the base circle of the hemisphere



(optional) realcons; radius of the hemisphere



(optional) equations of the form option=value where option is capped or an option listed on the plot3d/options help page



The hemisphere command creates a three-dimensional plot data object, which when displayed is a hemisphere  centered at c with a radius r. The default values for c and r are 0,0,0 and 1, respectively.


The option capped=t, where t is true or false, specifies whether a cap is drawn on the open end of the hemisphere.  The default value of this option is true.


The plot data object produced by the hemisphere command can be used in a PLOT3D data structure, or displayed using the plots[display] command.


Remaining arguments are interpreted as options, which are specified as equations of the form option = value. For more information, see plottools and plot3d/options.





See Also

plot3d/options, plot3d/structure, plots[display], plottools

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