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plottools[arrow] - generate 2-D or 3-D plot object for an arrow

Calling Sequence

arrow(base, dir, wb, wh, hh, sh, fr, options)

arrow(base, dir, pv, wb, wh, hh, sh, fr, options)




base of the arrow, given as 2-D (or 3-D) point or 2-D (or 3-D) Vector



2-D (or 3-D) point or 2-D (or 3-D) direction Vector



vector indicating the plane containing the arrow



width of the body of the arrow



width of the head of the arrow



height of the head of the arrow as a ratio of the length of the body



(optional) shape of the arrow, either harpoon, arrow, double_arrow, or cylindrical_arrow



(optional) add a "fringe" to the arrowhead, only works if shape of the arrow is cylindrical_arrow



(optional) equations of the form option=value. For a complete list, see plot/options and plot3d/option.



The arrow command creates plot data objects, which when displayed create an arrow whose base is located at base.


Note: Multiple plot data objects may be generated, so if the result is intended to be part of animation, it may be necessary to enclose these in a PLOT or PLOT3D function.


If dir is a point (a list of two or three real numbers), the arrow is drawn from the point base to the point dir.


If dir is a Vector (a Vector of dimension two or three), the output is the specified vector dir with the tail at the point base.


In the 3-D case, the plane vector pv=a,b,c is used to specify the plane in which the vector lies.  It lies in the plane containing the arrow and cross product of the arrow and pv.  If the direction of the arrow and the plane vector are collinear, the argument pv is ignored.


The wb parameter indicates the width of the body of the arrow


The wh parameter indicates the width of the head of the arrow


The hh parameter is the ratio of the height of the head of the arrow to the length of the body of the arrow.


The optional argument sh indicates how the arrow should be drawn, either harpoon or arrow for a one-dimensional arrow, double_arrow for a two-dimensional arrow, or cylindrical_arrow for a three-dimensional arrow.


The option argument fr adds a fringe to the arrowhead. It is available only for cylindrical_arrow. The inputs must be in the form fringe = color where color can be any color specification as described in plot/color.


A call to arrow produces a plot data object that can be used in a PLOT or PLOT3D data structure, or displayed using the plots[display] command.


The remaining arguments are interpreted as options, which are specified as equations of the form option = value.  For more information, see plottools, plot/options and plot3d/option.


In some cases, the result is an expression sequence of plot objects, and therefore in order to group these objects, place a PLOT or PLOT3D command around the result.












See Also

plot/color, plot/options, plot/structure, plot3d/option, plots[arrow], plots[display], plottools

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