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plots[multiple] - Plot multiple functions

Calling Sequence

multiple(plotcommand, plotargs1, ..., plotargsn, options)




plot command to apply

plotargs1, ..., plotargsn


list of arguments to the plot command



(optional) plot options



The multiple command builds a composite plot.


The parameter plotcommand is a Maple plotting command, applied to the plot arguments plotargsi.


Each parameter plotargsi is a list of arguments for plotcommand, the plotting command.  To plot the sine function for two different frequencies, you can use:

plots[multiple]( plot, [sin(2*x), x=-Pi..Pi], [sin(3*x), x=-Pi..Pi] );


The remaining arguments to the multiple command are interpreted as options.  They are equations of the form option = value, and are passed on to the plots[display] command.




See Also

plot, plot/option, plot3d, plot3d/option, plots, plots[animate]

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