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liesymm[wsubs] - replace part of a wedge product

Calling Sequence

wsubs(eqn, expr)

wsubs(lst, expr)




expression involving wedgeproducts



expression of the form wedgeprod = expression



list or set of expressions like eqn



This routine is part of the liesymm package and is loaded via with(liesymm) .


The routine wsubs() is analogous to powsubs() but is for wedge products.  One or more equations specify replacements that are to be made.


The replacements occur even if only a subset of the &^ arguments match.


If two or more substitutions are specified, they are completed in the order specified, even if they are given as a set. Simultaneous substitution (as in subs()) has not been implemented.



wsubsdx=dz,adx &^ dy+bdx &^ dy

ady &^ dzbdy &^ dz


getformadx &^ dy

dx &^ dy


wsubs=dx &^ dt,dx &^ dy &^ dz



See Also

liesymm, liesymm[&^], liesymm[&mod], liesymm[d], liesymm[Lie], liesymm[setup], powsubs, with

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