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liesymm[wcollect] - regroup the terms as a sum of products

Calling Sequence





expression involving wedge products



This routine is part of the liesymm package and is loaded via with(liesymm).


The expression is rewritten in a sum of products form with each distinct wedge product or 1-form occurring exactly once. As the arguments to a wedge product are sorted into ``address'' order and coefficients are automatically extracted,  dx &^ dt is recognized as being the same as dt &^ dx.



wcollectadx &^ dy+bdx &^ dy

a+bdx &^ dy


wcollectadx &^ dy+bdy &^ dx

abdx &^ dy


See Also

liesymm, liesymm[&^], liesymm[d], liesymm[Lie], liesymm[setup], with

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