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grelgroup - represent a group by generators and relations

Calling Sequence

grelgroup(gens, rels)




set of names taken to be the generators of the group



set of relations among the generators which define the group



The function grelgroup is used as a procedure and an unevaluated procedure call. As a procedure, grelgroup checks its arguments and then either exits with an error or returns the unevaluated grelgroup call.


The first argument is a set of Maple names which stand for the generators of the group. The second argument is a set of ``words'' in the generators. A ``word'' is a list of generators and/or inverses of generators representing a product.  The inverse of a generator g is represented by 1g. An empty list represents the identity element.  The words w1, w2, ..., wn in rels are such that the relations w1=w2=...=wn=1 define the group.





the following will give an error:


Error, (in grelgroup) relator [a, 1/c, a] contains something (1/c) not a generator or its inverse

See Also

permgroup, subgrel

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