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Path Trace

Displays the path along which a component moves during an animation


You can attach this component to a modeling component to show the projected path on which a component moves during an animation. For example, in the double pendulum image below, the traced paths indicate that the left rigid body moves in a circular path and the right rigid body moves along a curved path during an animation.

When the mode is set to Always visible (default), or Drawn over time, the fadeTime parameter does not appear in the Inspector panel.

To generate a trace connect the Path Trace component to the frame of one modeling component and run the simulation. The projected path of that connection point appears in the 3-D Workspace.

Note.  To generate a new trace for another mode, the simulation must be re-run.





Connect this frame to the point for which a path is traced.







Color of the path. For information on using the color selection tools, see Selecting Colors.


Always Visible

Specifies the way in which you want the path to be traced. The following options are available:


Always visible - the complete path appears in the 3-D workspace before and during the animation.


Drawn over time - the path appears as the animation is playing. No path is displayed before the animation starts.


Drawn over time then fade - the path appears as the animation is playing and then is removed from the 3-D workspace according to the time value that you specify for the fadeTime parameter. No path is shown before the animation starts.



The fadeTime parameter for the Path Trace is visible when the mode parameter is set to Drawn over time then fade. This parameter specifies the length of time a path appears in the 3-D workspace until it starts to fade.

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