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RootFinding[Parametric][CellPlot] - plot one or more open cells

Calling Sequence

CellPlot (m, k, options)




solution module, as returned by CellDecomposition



(optional) positive integer or list of positive integers; cell indices



(optional) equations of the form option=value; see below for details



The command CellPlot(m,k) plots the kth cell of the cell decomposition given by the solution module m. If k is a list, then all cells whose indices are in k are plotted. If k is omitted entirely, then all open cells are plotted.


Currently, this command can only be used in the case of exactly 2 parameters. A corresponding error message is returned otherwise.


If more than once cell is plotted, then any two adjacent cells have a different color. These colors can be controlled using the option color=c, where c can be either a single color specification or a list of color specifications; if less than 4 colors are provided, then the default colors are used to complete the list; see plot/color.


The following options are recognized by CellPlot.


samplepoints=b, where b is either true or false, controls whether the sample point of each cell is plotted (the default is false).


pointcolor=p, where p is a color specification (see plot/color), controls in which color the sample points are plotted (the default is black). The options symbol and symbolsize (see plot/options) control the shape of the sample points.


thickness=t, where t is a positive integer (the default is 2), controls the thickness of the boundary of each cell.


cellcolor=c, where c can be a color or a list of colors, controls the color of each plotted cell; if the list is shorter than the number of displayed cells, then the colors are completed by repeating the list.


The remaining options are the same as those found in plot. For more information, see plot/options.


When the solution module m has been computed by CellDecomposition with the option output=cad, the plotting is certified; otherwise, a numerical algorithm is used to render the cells.


This command is part of the RootFinding[Parametric] package, so it can be used in the form CellPlot(..) only after executing the command with(RootFinding[Parametric]). However, it can always be accessed through the long form of the command by using RootFinding[Parametric][CellPlot](..).
















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