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Overview of the RandomTools[LinearCongruence] Subpackage

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The RandomTools[LinearCongruence] subpackage contains functions for creating pseudo-random number generators using the Linear Congruence algorithm.  The integers x[1], x[2], ... are generated using the linear recurrence



where p is 427419669081 and n is 999999999989.


More than one random number generator may be used at the same time. However, because all the LinearCongruence random number generators use the same underlying random number sequence, calls to one random number generator will affect the random numbers returned from another.


To set (seed) the state of the LinearCongruence random number generator, use the RandomTools[LinearCongruence][SetState] command. To query the current state value, use the RandomTools[LinearCongruence][GetState] command.


The LinearCongruence random number generator is the same algorithm that was used by rand in Maple versions up to and including 9.5.


Each command in the RandomTools[LinearCongruence] subpackage can be accessed by using either the long form or the short form of the command name in the command calling sequence.


As the underlying implementation of the RandomTools[LinearCongruence] subpackage is a module, it is also possible to use the form LinearCongruence:-command to access a command from the package. For more information, see Module Members.

List of LinearCongruence Package Commands






To display the help page for a particular LinearCongruence command, see Getting Help with a Command in a Package.

See Also

rand, RandomTools, RandomTools[BlumBlumShub], RandomTools[LinearCongruence][GetState], RandomTools[LinearCongruence][SetState], RandomTools[MersenneTwister], RandomTools[QuadraticCongruence], UsingPackages, with

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