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ToMapleBoolean - convert an integer to true, false, or FAIL

ToMapleChar - convert an integer to a string of length 1

ToMapleComplex - convert a (re,im) hardware float pair to a Maple Complex object

ToMapleComplexFloat - convert a (re,im) software float pair to a Maple Complex object

ToMapleInteger - convert a hardware integer to a Maple integer

ToMapleFloat - convert a hardware float to a Maple float

ToMapleFunction - create a Maple function object

ToMapleName - create a named Maple variable

ToMapleNULL - create a Maple NULL

ToMapleNULLPointer - create a Maple zero integer

ToMapleRelation - create the specified Maple relation object

ToMapleString - convert a character array to a Maple string

ToMapleUneval - delay evaluation on the given object

NewMapleExpressionSequence - create an empty expression sequence

MapleExpseqAssign - fill in an expression sequence

MapleExpseqSelect - select from an expression sequence

Calling Sequence

ToMapleBoolean(kv, i)

ToMapleChar(kv, str)

ToMapleComplex(kv, re, im)

ToMapleComplexFloat(kv, m_re, m_im)

ToMapleInteger(kv, i)

ToMapleFloat(kv, f)

ToMapleFunction(kv, fname, expseq

ToMapleName(kv, str, is_global)



ToMapleRelation(kv, rel, lhs, rhs)

ToMapleString(kv, str)

ToMapleUneval(kv, s)

NewMapleExpressionSequence(kv, n)

MapleExpseqAssign(kv, expseq, i, s)

MapleExpseqSelect(kv, expseq, i)




kernel handle returned by StartMaple



hardware integer



double-precision hardware float



double-precision hardware float



Maple float object



Maple float object



hardware integer



double-precision hardware float



Maple name object






True or False






Maple object



Maple object



Maple object



Maple expression sequence object



These functions are part of the OpenMaple interface to Microsoft Visual Basic.


The ToMaple* functions create Maple objects. The parameter types and return values are defined in maple.bas.


Note: The maple.bas file is in the extern/include directory of your Maple installation.


ToMapleBoolean is three valued. When b is zero, it returns the Maple false object. If b is -1, it returns the Maple FAIL object. If b is non-zero (and not -1), it returns the Maple true object.


ToMapleChar returns a single character Maple string object. If the str parameter is a string with more than one character, the Maple string object returned has only the first character of the input string.


ToMapleComplex converts the pair of hardware floats, re and im to the Maple expression, re+Iim, and returns this object. ToMapleComplexFloat converts a pair of Maple software float objects to the same structure.


NewMapleExpressionSequence creates and returns a Maple expression sequence with space for n Maple objects.  The returned object can be filled using MapleExpseqAssign. For example, r=NewMapleExpressionSequencekv,2 creates an expression sequence with space for two objects.  It can be filled with object1 s1 and object2 s2 by calling MapleExpseqAssign(kv,r,1,s1) and MapleExpseqAssign(kv,r,2,s2). Note that the first element is specified by index 1, not 0. Once filled, an expression sequence must not be changed.  Also, never change an expression sequence that was not created by a call to NewMapleExpressionSequence. For an explanation of why some objects are not mutable, see MapleUnique. MapleExpseqSelect(kv,r,1) returns the first object in an expression sequence.


ToMapleFunction creates and returns a Maple function object of the form fname(expseq), where expseq is an expression sequence possibly created by NewMapleExpressionSequence.


ToMapleName returns a Maple NAME dag with the name str. If is_global is set to True, the name is global in the Maple name space. Otherwise, if is_global is False, the name is a unique exported local variable.


ToMapleNULL returns the Maple NULL object.


ToMapleNULLPointer returns the Maple zero integer object. This is the C WRAPPER representation of a NULL pointer passed to a procedure. This is not to be confused with the value returned by ToMapleNULL.


ToMapleRelation forms the relation lhs rel rhs, where rel is one of "=", "<", ">", "and", "implies", "not", "or", and, "xor".


ToMapleString copies the character string, str to a Maple STRING object and returns it.


Other functions exist for creating Maple Array objects, list objects, and table objects. For more information, see RTableCreate, MapleListAlloc, and MapleTableAlloc.


Sub TestConvertToMaple(ByVal kv As Long)

    Dim list, args As Long

    list = MapleListAlloc(kv, 15)

    MapleListAssign kv, list, 1, ToMapleBoolean(kv, 1)

    MapleListAssign kv, list, 2, ToMapleBoolean(kv, 0)

    MapleListAssign kv, list, 3, ToMapleBoolean(kv, -1)

    MapleListAssign kv, list, 4, ToMapleBoolean(kv, 2)

    MapleListAssign kv, list, 5, ToMapleChar(kv, "M")

    MapleListAssign kv, list, 6, ToMapleComplex(kv, 1.1, 2.2)

    MapleListAssign kv, list, 7, ToMapleComplexFloat(kv, _

       ToMapleFloat(kv, 3.3), ToMapleFloat(kv, 4.4))

    MapleListAssign kv, list, 8, ToMapleInteger(kv, 98765)

    MapleListAssign kv, list, 9, ToMapleFloat(kv, 3.1415)

    args = NewMapleExpressionSequence(kv, 2)

    MapleExpseqAssign kv, args, 1, ToMapleName(kv, "x", True)

    MapleExpseqAssign kv, args, 2, ToMapleName(kv, "x", True)

    MapleListAssign kv, list, 10, ToMapleFunction(kv, _

       ToMapleName(kv, "int", True), args)

    MapleListAssign kv, list, 11, ToMapleNULLPointer(kv)

    MapleListAssign kv, list, 12, ToMapleRelation(kv, ">", _

       ToMapleName(kv, "X", True), ToMapleInteger(kv, 1))

    MapleListAssign kv, list, 13, ToMapleString(kv, "A string")

    MapleListAssign kv, list, 14, ToMapleUneval(kv, ToMapleName(kv, "Z", True))

    'note NULL will get removed when the list is flattened

    MapleListAssign kv, list, 15, ToMapleNULL(kv)

    MapleALGEB_Printf1 kv, "%a", list

End Sub

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