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HelpCallBacksDefault.writeAttrib - handle an attribute change while displaying a help page

Calling Sequence

void writeAttrib( Object data, int attrib ) throws MapleException




arbitrary data that was passed into the getHelp call



new attribute



writeAttrib is a member function of the com.maplesoft.openmaple.HelpCallBacksDefault class. This class implements the HelpCallBacks interface.


This default implementation does nothing and returns false.


import com.maplesoft.openmaple.*;

import com.maplesoft.externalcall.MapleException;

class Example


    public static void main( String notused[] ) throws MapleException


    String mapleArgs[];

    Engine engine;

    mapleArgs = new String[1];

    mapleArgs[0] = "java";

    engine = new Engine( mapleArgs, new EngineCallBacksDefault(),

        null, null );

    engine.getHelp( "colon",

        engine.MAPLE_HELP_ALL, new HelpCallBacksDefault(), 70, null );



Executing this code produces the following output.

Statement Separators


- The statement separators in Maple are semicolon (;) and colon (:).

- The semicolon is the normal statement separator.

- In an interactive Maple session, the result of the statement will

  not be displayed if the statement is terminated with a colon.

- The two statement separators (semicolon and colon) are equivalent in

  the case of statements nested one or more levels (inside if

  -statements, do-statements, or procedures).

Important: When exporting a worksheet as Maple Input, your worksheet

must contain explicit semicolons and not auto-inserted ones. The

resulting exported .mpl file will not run in Command-line Maple with

auto-inserted semicolons.


> one := 0+1:

> two := one+1;

                               two := 2

See Also

worksheet,managing,exportMapleInput, statement

See Also

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