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MapleSim dSPACE Connector

The MapleSim™ dSPACE® Connector provides all of the tools you need to prepare and export your dynamic systems models as dSPACE applications.

With MapleSim dSPACE Connector, you can attach a Maple template to your model to define and configure interactively the inputs/outputs mapping between the subsystem you select in your model and the dSPACE DS1104 board. You will then be able, with this template, to generate the real-time dSPACE application.

Although linked together, the MapleSim model and the Maple template are independent enough so that the model is kept generic whereas all the dSPACE configuration is done in the Maple template.


For more information about the MapleSim dSPACE® Connector

Perform one of the following tasks:


Open the MapleSim dSPACE Connector Getting Started Guide found on your desktop.


In a Maple worksheet, enter ?dSPACEConnector to view help topics related to the MapleSim dSPACE Connector.


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