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MapleSim CRT Connector

The MapleSim™ Connector for VI-CarRealTime™ provides all of the tools you need to prepare and export your dynamic systems models. Models are exported as VI-CarRealTime ANSI-C code.  You can create a model in MapleSim, analyze and simplify it in Maple™ by using the VI-CarRealTime Plugin Solver Generation template, and then generate the C code that you can incorporate into your toolchain.

You can also use these tools for more detailed analysis of the exported models.  Various options allow you to use the C code generation feature in Maple to create code libraries of your MapleSim models for implementation with the design objectives.


For more information about the CRT Connector

Perform one of the following tasks:


Open the MapleSim Connector for VI-CarRealTime Getting Started Guide found on your desktop.


In a Maple worksheet, enter ?CRTConnector to view help topics related to the MapleSim CRT Connector.


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