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The  MapleSim™ Connector for B&R Automation Studio™ package provides all of the tools you need to prepare and export your dynamic systems models into B&R Automation Studio ANSI-C source code from a MapleSim model. You can create a model in MapleSim, simplify it in Maple™ by using an extensive range of analytical tools, and then generate the source code that you can incorporate into your toolchain.

Scope of Model Support

MapleSim is a comprehensive modeling tool where it is possible to create models that could go beyond the scope of this B&R Connector.  In general, the MapleSim B&R Connector supports systems of any complexity, including systems of DAEs of any index, in any mix of domains.

System Requirements

For installation instructions and a complete list of system requirements, see the Install.html file on the product disc.


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