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MapleSim[Tools][LibraryVersion] - return the version information for a Modelica library

Calling Sequence





string ; name of Modelica library



list : list of equations defining:


"version" : version number of the given library


"versionDate" : date of the first version build


"versionBuild" : the number of the maintenance update


"dateModified" : date and time of the latest change to the package


"revisionId" : revision identifier of the version management system used to manage this library, representing the latest change to any file of the library.



The LibraryVersion command returns information about the Modelica library used in MapleSim.


The information is retrieved from the corresponding annotations in the library. If an annotation is not defined for the given library, the value is NULL.



version=3.2.1,versionDate=2013-08-14,versionBuild=3,dateModified=2015-01-21 18:15:00Z,revisionId=$Id:: 8066 2015-01-21 17:27:20Z #$


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