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MapleSim[Multibody][GetMultibodyInput(deprecated)] - generate text description for the multibody portion of a MapleSim embedded component

Calling Sequence



EmbeddedCompName - name of the MapleSim embedded component from which to extract the multibody model description


Important: The GetMultibodyInput command has been deprecated. Use the templates in the MapleSim templates folder to analyze your model instead. You can use the A:-GetMultibody command to extract the multibody portion of the active MapleSim subsystem and package it into a manipulatable object. For more information, see Opening MapleSim Templates.

The GetMultibodyInput command returns a string that describes the multibody portion of the indicated MapleSim embedded component.

To view the name of an embedded component, right-click (Control-click for Macintosh) the embedded component and select Component Properties....


See the BuildEQs help topic for an example of how to use the GetMultibodyInput command to obtain the equations of motion forthe multibody portion of a MapleSim embedded component.

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