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GetParameters - get the parameters of the active MapleSim subsystem in SI units

Calling Sequence

A := MapleSim:-LinkModel();





(optional) equation(s) of the form name = value



list : list of the active subsystem's parameters or a list of the specific parameters



A:-GetParameters returns a list of parameters from A's active subsystem. If no subsystem is active, or if the option toplevel is specified, the command returns the parameters defined for the entire model.


Unless the option allparams is specified, only parameters that are explicitly defined for the active subsystem are shown.  Explicitly defined parameters are those that are defined in the parameter view of the subsystem or the subsystem's parameter blocks.


The A:-GetParameters command currently returns only parameters of the type float.


Unless the option params is specified, all parameters are returned in SI units. By default, only the parameters that can be left symbolic in code generation tools are returned. These are the parameters that do not appear in piecewise functions or event handling definitions: _msim_initial, _msim_sample, _msim_edge, _msim_change, _msim_pre, _msim_reinit, _msim_terminate, `msim/SEQ`, and `msim/WHEN`. Use the codegenonly option to change the default behavior.


The A := MapleSim:-LinkModel() statement needs to be run prior to successfully using any of the ModelObject A's export functions.


Linking to a MapleSim model (located in .msim file):


Getting the parameters of the active subsystem (you are at the top level):



Compare to the output when the allparams option is set to true:




Compare to the output when the codegenonly option set to false:




Some of the returned parameters will not appear in the equations or the initial equations. These parameters often have symbolic expressions in terms of other parameters as their values.

Compare to the output when the allremaining option is set to true:




In this example the output is the same as when allparams = true and codegenonly = true (default). However, it is not the case in general. Setting the codegenonly option to true may eliminate some parameters from the output that would otherwise appear when the allremaining option is set to true.

Setting the active subsystem as the RLC circuit subsystem:


Getting the parameters of the RLC subsystem:







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