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MapleSim[Export(deprecated)] - generates C library procedures from a continuous MapleSim model or a list of equations

Calling Sequence

Export (system, in_vars, out_vars, ModelName, param_opts)




list; model equations



list; input variables with respect to time



list; output variables with respect to time



(optional) equation(s) of the form option = value; specify options for Export






Important: The Export command has been deprecated.


The Export command returns a string that contains a library of all the necessary C procedures, which allow you to simulate a continuous system using a solver that you provide. Note: The library does not provide solver routines or a main routine to compute the iteration.


Before the functions are generated, the system attempts to perform index 1 reduction to obtain an ordinary differential equation (ODE) system to reduce the time required to compute the system.


You can generate two types of C library functions. The first type evaluates all of the state and output variables in one procedure. This method makes the code easier to implement; however, you must keep track of the state variables. The second type evaluates the variables in two procedures: one procedure for the state variables and another for the output variables. This method does not require you to keep track of the variables.


The input and output variables must be functions with respect to time, for example, y(t) and u(t).

The options parameters are optional parameters of the form option = value, where option is one of the names listed below. These are keyword parameters; the left side of the equation is the keyword and the right side is the value. Each keyword parameter has a default value that is assigned if the parameter is not passed.

See Also

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