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MapleSim[Attachments(deprecated)] - view content from a file attached to a MapleSim model

Calling Sequence


Get("MapleSim_embedded_component", "attachment" )




string; name of the embedded component in which the MapleSim model is opened



string; attachment name



Important: The Attachments command has been deprecated.


You can use the Attachments command to display content from a data set file attached to a MapleSim model.


To use this command, you must first open a MapleSim model that has files attached in its Attachments palette in a MapleSim Model embedded component.


To do so, in Maple, expand the Components palette and click the MapleSim component icon to insert the embedded component into the worksheet. Right-click (or Control-click for Macintosh) the embedded component that you inserted and select Component Properties. In the File field, select the .msim file for which you want to view attachment data. For more information about the MapleSim Model embedded component, see the MapleSim Model help topic.


The List command displays a list of attachments saved in the Attachments palette of the MapleSim model opened in the embedded component.


The Get command displays a matrix with numerical data from an attachment saved in the Attachments palette of the MapleSim model. Supported file types are .xls (Microsoft Excel), .csv (comma-separated values), and .mpld.


Note: The .mpld format is a binary form of encoding matrix data that uses the Maple .m representation;.mpld files are created whenever you generate a data set using a MapleSim Data Generation Template or Random Data Template.


If an attachment does not contain numerical data, the attachment file name is displayed in an output string.

See Also

ExcelTools, ImportMatrix, MapleSim

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