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LibraryTools[WriteMode] - display or modify read-write mode of a library

Calling Sequence

WriteMode( archive, mode )




string; Maple library or directory containing Maple libraries



(optional) "READONLY" or "WRITABLE"; read-write mode of the library



The WriteMode( archive, mode) calling sequence displays or modifies read-write mode of a library specified in archive. For more details on library read-write mode, see march.


If archive is a directory, the read-write modes of all the libraries in that directory are displayed. Otherwise, if archive is a file that is a Maple library (has the extension .lib or .mla), only the read-write mode of that library is displayed. An error is raised if the path specified by archive does not exist.


The optional mode specifies the new read-write mode to be assigned to the library and the new mode is displayed. When mode is not given, the read-write mode of the library is displayed but remains unchanged.







See Also

LibraryTools, LibraryTools[Create], LibraryTools[Priority], LibraryTools[Timestamp], march

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