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LabVIEWConnector[CreateLabVIEWVCproject] - generate required files for the Visual Studio(R) project of a LabVIEW(R) block

Calling Sequence

CreateLabVIEWVCproject(system, in_vars, out_vars, ModelName, output_dir, opts)




list; model equations



list; input variables with respect to time



list; output variables with respect to time



string; name of the library



string; output directory of the Visual Studio project



(optional) equation(s) of the form name = value



Important: The CreateLabVIEWVCproject command has been deprecated. Use the superseding commands LabVIEWConnector[GenerateCode] and LabVIEWConnector[CompileCode] instead.


The CreateLabVIEWVCproject command returns a string that contains a library of the C procedures required to create a LabVIEW EMI or SIT block for a continuous system using a solver that you provide.


Before the functions are generated, the system tries to perform index 1 reduction to obtain an ordinary differential equation (ODE) system to reduce the amount of time required to compute the system.


The input and output variables must be functions with respect to time, for example, y(t) and u(t).

See Also

LabVIEWConnector, LabVIEWConnector[CompileCode], LabVIEWConnector[GenerateCode], MapleSim

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