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PreparedStatement:-Close - close a PreparedStatement module

Calling Sequence

preparedstat:-Close( )




PreparedStatement module



Close frees the resources associated with preparedstat. This happens automatically when preparedstat is garbage collected; however, you can call Close to release the resources immediately.


Any descendant modules of preparedstat are closed when preparedstat is closed. (A module is a descendant of a parent module if it is returned by one of the parent module's exports or if it is a descendant of one of the parent module's descendants.)


Create a prepared statement, pstat.


conn:=driver:-OpenConnectionurl,name,pass:pstat:=conn:-CreatePreparedStatementSELECT * FROM animals:

Create a descendant of pstat.


Close pstat.


Try using pstat.

res:=pstat:-ExecuteSELECT * FROM animals:

 Error, (in ExecuteQuery) this object has been closed, no further operations are possible

Try to use pstat's descendant.


 Error, (in ExecuteQuery) this object has been closed, no further operations are possible

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