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ContextMenu[Test][TestAction] - test a context menu action

Calling Sequence

Test[TestAction](action, expr)




list(string); action from context menu



anything; expression that generates menu



The Test[TestAction] command tests the result of executing the action specified by action in the context menu generated for the expression expr.


The parameter action, a list of strings, represents the sequence of nested menus that must be followed in the context-sensitive menu in order to select this action.  For example, to simulate the selection of the first element of the list 1,2,3 using context-sensitive menus, enter Test[TestAction](["Select Element", "1"], [1,2,3]).


The result returned by TestAction is a string, which represents the value that is returned to the worksheet if the action action is selected using context-sensitive menus.




R := sort( y+x, x );


See Also

ContextMenu, ContextMenu[Test], ContextMenu[Test][GetGeneratedMenu], ContextMenu[Test][ListMenuEntries]

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